i am like october when i am dead by Steve Roggenbuck  

(English Translation of Ana C.'s Spanish Translation of Marshall Mallicoat's English Translation of Lucas Ruppel's Spanish Translation)

Translated by Juliana Sartor


for me it’s not important to write a poem

who created soy? robert frost?

i never something blah blah to walk


god help me

i am a point of traction my venetian editor


marissa tomei and casey and 40 litres of rice and milk in my car

now he is more than something


something about a program on the channel of history sober mayan professors and the end of the world

jupiter is in the south of the sky

i want you in the south like the hurricanes of jupiter


now you go somewhere

for now you want something


i put two things in the library


this is all

the poem is blah, merh


i somehow do something

thanks to gods

i stand alone among great people when she dances


February passed i have my house at the library, sigur ros on a reproduced cd on the cassette adaptor

i saw an elephant abandon a circus in astonishment


something for me something for you

i’m going to strangle your father

it’s not important

i have nothing


if i’m marcus, i’m not at the contest

i do something in the moon after something


i eat like october when i’m dead

ahi with my hand

i eat the asses of people


a question at my dad the corn era

it’s very something, dijo


the hymn at the funeral of my grandmother decided if something is subordinate, then it’s marriage

i made five messes in a video a sober dog in a trash compactor


oh, you have something


something peculiar and the cinema in two hours alone

in a video with my family

my car

it’s january

i’m celebrating the incineration of a grand carrier